Annelise and Caley

This is why I miss living in San Diego. My adorable nieces and family are all there. We had fun at Sea port village. Sea gulls are crazy birds and went nuts on Avea trying to snatch her food every 2 seconds. So the picture of the big girls holding Aveas hands after they saved her from the "monter bitch" Avea calls "Birds" the B word its so funny. We keep trying to get her to say Bird and its comes out BIT...
Annelise LOVES Caley and still is talking about her specal play day with Caley.

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Christina said...

Sooooo busted that you didn't stop by! Only kidding. We would like to see you guys though. Maybe we will have to go see your new place when it is complete. Congrats! Wishing you a Merry Christmas! Love you guys!

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