Happy Independance Day

The Wells Fargo stage coach passing by the Wells fargo bulidng

This was the 2nd Hellcat Tank with family of the WW1 & WW2 Vets

You have to LOVE our Boys Scouts!

One of my favorite Holidays in the 4th of July! I am so proud to be an American. We went to watch the Freedom Festival's Grand Parade in Provo. (Its the states largest of its kind). I always get so emotional when our war Hero's and as the American flag is brought through. I think of my generations of family members who were in the Armed Forces and fought for our Freedoms we have today. I think of my dearest Father and Grandfathers who served and fought hard and have battle scars on there bodies today from there selfless sacrifices. They lost friends in their hands and had to do things themselves that haunt them to this day. I wept as we Welcomed soldiers just home from Afghanistan along with their families who marched on with pride. I wept as families of just resent fallen Utah soldiers were Honerd (all fallen men were Marines) I wept as our dearest world war 1 & 2 veteran's drove past on a Hellcat world war 1 tank. I just stood in awe and felt all the great blessings we have as Americans to be able to celebrate and witness our countries pride. I hope all of you enjoyed celebrating the Birth of our Nation. So the older I get the more I realize my Fathers and Papa's influence in my countries pride. Thanks Dad for all the wonderful memorise of having you work at North Island Naval Base, I loved seeing all the hard sweat, blood and tears you put into all those f-16 and f-18 parts (and to many other miltary components parts to name and remember). Not to mention the great privlages of having you work on base (Seeing our US Presidents Air Force 1 on the tarmack, somehow you always manged to get us a sneek peek :-).
Your one of my Hero's Daddy and proud to share that with others! You know if I could I would have been a Solider myself.

"Semper Fidelis; Always Faithful. The Few. The Proud. The Marine's."
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Fathers Day Photos!

I Love these girls so much. I don't know were I would be with out them in our lives. They are best friends and always together. I love hearing there giggles and seeing what creative things they do. I thought they looked so cute that day that I went down the street to feed the horses and take there pictures. I made a mouse pad for Ryan for Fathers Day and photo books for My Dad and other Family members. Annelise is 5 now and lost her first tooth a week ago. She really enjoys the outdoors and anything to do with DANCE :) (Hum wonder where she gets that from?) She loves learning about the Scriptures and has such a strong testimony. She inspires me to keeo up with our little bed time routines of scriputre story, song & prayer. I love that she is a very confident little girl and Knows that she is a beautiful daughter of God. When ever we have anyone over I can find her getting drinks for everyone and even making PB & J Sandwiches all by herself. Much to her excitement she starts kindergarten in the Fall. (What will I do without her? But it will be a good break for her) Annelise is famous around are house for all her hilarious sayings, the latest is "because Dad a girls got to do, what a girls got to do".My Sassy Pants girl :) Very very sweet loving little personality. Avea loves to try and do anything and everything her "Big Sissy" does. Even the knotty things. She loves being 2 and enjoys all the somethings Annelise does. Avea is alot more daring and will try and jump off 7ft slides at the park or will get stuck hanging on Monkey bars. Shes keeps us on our toes. Avea is a super snugly one like her big sister (shes like a lap dog) because she'll fight her way between Ryan and all the time. She says no Daddy its my Mommy. Then the next day its NO MOMMY MY DADDY. The girl knows what shes want. You always know where you stand with her LOL. They both love anything Disney princess and the latest fad is Toy Story 3. They can be found playing dress up at all hrs of the day and singing a lot to all there favorite Disney show tunes. Sometimes I get laughing so hard at the things they do my belly & face hurt for a few days after.

We have been through a lot as a little family and are surviving quite well out here in no mans land Utah. Ryan and I thrive on family support as well as the girls so having no family around can be a challenge. However hard or bumpy life's road my get we'll always have each other to hang on to. I have been pondering a lot on all the many blessings we have on earth and how short life truly is. And if you have ever had anything happen to you were your forced to realize this. WOW! I think of this song "I feel my Saviours Love" sums up my hearts true feelings today.

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A play day in our getto yard. LOL.

Our little nighbor girls right behind us, we don't have a yard yet and then do. Today we played in our getto yard. Hopefully by the end of summer will have our yard done.

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